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  • Could you set up the bike for me?
    Yes, we can if you provide us by email the 4 measurements on the picture, at least 3 days before the picking date. Our team will do our best to make the bike suitable for you.
  • What happens if the bike is damaged or stolen?
    Once you leave the shop with the bike, it becomes your responsibility. Damaged: We will make a ckeck of the bike and charge you accordingly to the damage. Stolen: We provide a kryptonite lock with every bikes but still if something happens you are responsible for the price of the bike.
  • What happens if I am having a problem while out riding?
    If you have a puncture, you could fix it with the provided equipement you will get in the saddle bag. In case you can't fix it or something wrong happens with your bike, you could contact us and we will pick you up. We will charge you for this service, depends where you are, from 15€.
  • What guarantees do I need to hire a bike?
    Bring your passport or ID, a Visa or a MasterCard and a proof of accommodation.
  • What happens if I cancel my hire reservation?
    Due to Coronavirus, no refund will be made but everyone who made a reservation will have a voucher anytimes he wants for one year.
  • What do you provide with the bike? Which equipment?
    We provide a lock and a repair kit for every bikes(If you have to use a tube we will have to charge you between 5€ and 9€ depends on the type of the tube). Equipments are available for rent at the shop.Pedals : Look Keo - 5€ Shoes : fizik or Specialized (5€) Helmet : Kask (5€) Full cycling outfit : 15€
  • Do you deliver the bikes?
    Yes! Anywhere on the island, contact us to get a quote.
  • Can I buy the bike I rented?
    Of course, at the end of the season every bikes will be on sales for approximately half price.
  • What happens if I don't return the bike on time?
    If you fail to return the bike according to our agreement, you will be debited - An additionnal day rental if you booked at least one day This because we will have a problem delivering the bike to our next cyclist. If we have not been contacted and the bike is not returned, the hirer will be reported to the local police, so it is of the utmost importance that you contact us in case of any problem with your return.
  • I would like to have another cassette, is it possible?"
    Yes, you can choose between 11-28, 11-32 or 11-34.
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